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Harvest Supreme & Planting Mix

Our most anticipated soil sale! Buy 3 bags of Harvest Supreme or Planting Mix and get the 4th bag FREE.  (Ok to mix and match.)


Improves a variety of soils for vegetable gardens or flower beds.
  •  Organic soil amendment from premium ingredients
  • Contains 15% chicken manure
  • Ideal for vegetable & flowers
  • Breaks up clay soils
  • Contains beneficial mycorrhizae
This organic soil amendment is blended with 15% composted chicken manure for more lush, full plant growth. Mix G&B ORGANICS HARVEST SUPREME with your native soil to grow vegetables and flowers to their maximum potential. With added beneficial mycorrhizae — G&B ORGANICS HARVEST SUPREME creates a wonderful soil environment for strong plant and root growth.


Great for in-ground planting projects including planting, amending, mulching or seed cover.

  • Organic planting mix from premium ingredients
  • Ideal for general soil amending
  • Holds moisture & improves drainage
  • Great for raised bed planting
 Ideal for general soil amending, blend G&B ORGANICS PLANTING MIX with your native soil to help build and restore a strong soil environment that allows your plants to reach their full potential. Its slightly woody texture creates the perfect balance of moisture retention and drainage, helping to break up compacted soils and providing an excellent environment for beneficial microbes to thrive and nourish your plants.