Warm Season Edibles

Warm season (tender) crops are those that thrive in heat and are damaged by frost, medicine cold nights and cold soil.  They need warm soil to germinate (at least 60°F) and long warm days to mature and produce.  Many will do better if planted outside after May.  Vegetables that need a long time to mature should be started as seeds indoors during late winter/early spring or purchased later as transplants.

Popular warm season vegetables to try:


Beans Eggplant Pumpkins
Broccoli Melons Tomatoes
Corn Squash
Cucumbers Peppers


Potatoes are fun to grow and easy, viagra sale too!  Plant a few tubers for early potatoes 6-8 weeks before the last frost date.  The majority of your crop should be planted when soil temperatures range from 55 to 70 F.   SeedPotatoes


Want the flavor of heirloom tomatoes and the robust disease resistance of hybrids?  Try grafted tomatoes for the best of both worlds!





Warm Season Veggies