The garden is waking up, and Bellevue Nursery is here to greet it.  Bellevue Nursery has everything you need to spring ahead with your vegetable, herb, and flower starts, so get up and grow!


Breathe new life into your containers and garden beds with early blooming Primroses, Ranunculus, Pansies and Violas along garden paths or in containers. Very cute and colorful with a long bloom period and more cold-tolerant than you would imagine.  Spring-blooming bulbs planted in the fall should be pushing through the soil, but we have starts for you in case you forgot to plant them.  Baby leaves and buds are studding the branches of deciduous trees and shrubs, ready to surprise you with fresh color and, if you’re lucky, fragrance.

Spring Ephemerals_edited-3

This is a great time to start planning your garden ~ indoors!  Since their environment must be artificially maintained, seed starting takes a little more attentiveness but is so rewarding. Remember The Big Three: Soil, Light and  Water.  Please use our Plant Guide on Starting Seeds Indoors.


March 20 is the first day of spring!  We look forward to outdoor activities and family Easter Egg hunts on the lawn. Our premium quality Easter Lilies are a classic indoor plant this season and the fragrance can’t be beat.  However you celebrate, the optimism and renewal symbolized by spring brings joyous energy to us all.

Cut flowers are great, but why be left with an empty vase?  Give a lasting gift of color, texture and fragrance.  Your favorite green- thumber will be thrilled with a colorful gardening tote filled with tools, fertilizer, gloves, seed packets and maybe a plant or two.  Better than an Easter Basket!

Speaking of green thumbs, you’re in luck, because Bellevue Nursery carries green and purple shamrock plants.  Make St. Patrick’s Day even more magical by displaying a gnome or fairy garden.  Buy or build your own ~ we’ll show you how!

See our SPRING CHECKLIST for more information.