Bellevue Botanical Garden



Bellevue Nursery is proud to be a retail partner to the Bellevue Botanical Garden Society.  Simply present your BBG membership card and receive 10% off regularly priced merchandise.  Save money and fulfill your gardening dreams!


Happy Customers

“I love Bellevue Nursery and buy all of my outdoor plants and shrubs from them.  They have amazing varieties of plants, much better than you can find in many other nurseries and especially the mega stores like ____, ______ or _______.  They go out of their way to find and purchase for you plants that you need and want and all of them are so very helpful.  They know your name and the types of plants that you buy and they are eager to help you when you come into their nursery.  They are a joy to have in our community.”  ~ Susan Shay


“”At Bellevue Nursery they are very knowledgeable, call you by name, special order plants for me, and are so  friendly.  They have a great gift shop and all the things to keep my garden going all year.   The employees at Bellevue Nursery have gardening skills they bring to work and the knowledge you cannot get at _____.  They don’t simply just ring up your purchase.  They know plants!!!!!”   ~ Chick Stamschror     

“This is like my second home.  I stop by when I’m in need of visual and aromatherapy.  Even if I don’t buy anything that day, I still feel welcomed by everyone.”      ~ Jean C .


“”It is such a joy to have Bellevue Nursery within five minutes of our home for all my gardening needs.  It is so easy to swing by the nursery for whatever is needed for my  many gardening projects.  The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable.  The display garden areas are more creative, and their merchandise selection is very relevant to gardeners and of interest to non gardeners.  There is always a large selection of healthy unique or familiar  plants  that are welcomed in my garden.”   ~ Barbara 


“ Bellevue Nursery recommended their organic soil builder and it’s the BEST!  I’ve been using it for years and won’t plant without it. Thanks for turning me on to this!”   ~ T.W