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Our plant availability changes constantly –  please call if you are looking for something specific. Or better  yet, stop by for a visit!  We’d love to see you!

Collector’s Corner

We love the strange and unusual!  Please check out our houseplant collector’s corner for some not-so-common plants that will entice and fascinate you.












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Lucky Plants

Not only do these plants symbolize fortune, strength, longevity and other desirable attributes, they are so easy to grow!

PACHIRA:   Aka Money Tree. Makes a great gift for business grand openings, house warmings, and office/home Feng Shui improvement.  Give bright indirect light (can tolerate lower light)  and water thoroughly, letting dry a bit between waterings.  Likes being pot bound.

Pachira assortment


Sansevieria cylindrica

     Sansevieria cylindrica











SNAKE PLANT:  Sansevieria cylindrica  Unusual version of the traditional snake plant, used to clean the air and for feng shui.  Tubular leaves grow in a rosette and are available straight or braided.  Bright to low light.  Easy to grow long-lived plant, provided you allow the soil to dry between waterings.

Unique Plants – Seasonal Availability

Bellevue Nursery is pleased to offer you some rare specimens of fruiting and flowering plants commonly found in Asia and Europe.  The majority of these young plants are hardy in the Pacific NW, and will be a conversation piece in your garden.


Persimmon Saijo



PERSIMMON ‘Saijo’:  This very popular Japanese variety bears abundant crops of conical-shaped, orange-red, very sweet and juicy fruit.  Early ripening and one of the best for drying.  It is ready to eat when soft and tender like a ripe tomato.  Full sun and well-drained soil.  Zone 7.





Japanese Flowering Plum Bungo


JAPANESE FLOWERING PLUM ‘Bungo’:  A famous and revered variety  found in gardens throughout Japan.  Spectacular in bloom, it is covered with profuse, light pink, fragrant flowers.  Abundant, apricot-size, light green fruit in August, often used for pickling & syrups.  Partially self-fertile.  Full sun and well-drained soil.  Zone 6.








GREEN FUKI:   A spectacular giant perennial, with huge round leaves and 3 ft. long stalks that are a prized vegetable in Japan.  White, daisy-like, fragrant flowers also used in Japanese cooking.  Likes moist soil and can spread rapidly, dying back in the fall. Full to part shade.  Zone 5.

Come in early for best selection ~ quantities limited.  Also available:  Chinese Haw,  Loquat, Pomegranate, Figs, Jasmines, Colossal Chestnut, and more!


Japanese Maples –  A Northwest Garden Classic

Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum) are the perfect focal point in the garden or in a beautiful container on your deck or entry way.  What other tree offers such a variety of form and range of color?  Japanese maples normally grow at a moderate rate and are well-behaved trees,  happiest in morning sun/afternoon shade.  Truly a four-season tree:  Delicate serrated foliage emerging in spring, lush green to red color in summer, brilliant gold, scarlet and orange in fall, then interesting bark and branching structure revealed in winter.  (Sorry, we are sold out for the season.  Please check back in early spring.)

Japanese Maple Trio

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