Plant Care

We hope you love your plants from Bellevue Nursery!  We do too, so we want to help you keep them healthy and beautiful.  We offer a variety of plant care solutions to help protect your plants from disease and pest damage.

We are a certified Natural Yard Care Nursery and a EnviroStar business.  This means that many of our products and practices are environmentally friendly  and designed to work with nature, not against it.  Our goal is to help prevent problems, but when they arise, we are here to help you solve them!

See our Care Sheets for more information.




We like to call our products Soil Food!  The ultimate goal is to create healthy soil that supports healthy plant life.  Our natural NW product lines provide growth results plus long-term (not quick fix) plant and soil health.

Our blended fertilizers are formulated for the right kind of nutrients for specific plant needs, and are easy to use, while our single ingredient elements will correct nutrient deficiencies.  All pro-biotic of course!



We provide solutions for all your gardening problems, from chewing critters to fungal infections, for ornamental shrubs and vegetables that are safe to eat.

Ask us about the best ways to manage these problems year round:

  • Weeds
  • Pests
  • Plant Diseases
  • Cold/Heat Stress
  • Nutritional Deficiencies

Got Critters?  Our animal repellents offer an effective and environmentally gentle protection for your plants, bulbs and lawn.  (OMRI Listed)


Why not use nature’s own helpers to aid in the care of your garden?  Using beneficial insects to control pests instead of chemical sprays is easier, safer for humans and the good bugs, and less likely to build up a resistance in pests to commonly used chemicals.

Ladybugs released in the garden during the evening will eat and lay eggs on the undersides of leaves in clusters of 10 or more; eggs look like little yellow jellybeans.  Do not destroy these!  In 2-5 days they become voracious larvae that will spend the next 3 weeks feeding on aphids.  Both the larvae and the adult ladybug eat soft-bodied insects like aphids, spider mites, and mealy bugs.

Keep ladybugs around and interested with the nectar from dill, yarrow, lemon gem marigolds, alyssum, and fennel.

Live Red Wigglers are earthworms that eat the soil and cast it back with added nutrients to feed the soil;  ie nutrient-rich natural fertilizer!  In addition, these worms help aerate the soil and improve moisture retention. Add earthworms to your compost pile to speed up the decomposition process.  For even better results, include organic materials such as grass clippings, table scraps and coffee grounds with the worms to feed them.

What hunts down and kills soil and boring pest insects, yet is safe for humans, pets, plants and earthworms?  Beneficial Nematodes are microscopic worm-like juvenile Steinernema feltiae (Sf) on an inert carrier;  ie beneficial insect “eating” nematodes.  Works on caterpillars, beetles and weevil adults and grubs, fly maggots and other pests.