Tools & Toys

Tools_edited-1A garden is a place to work and play!  Bellevue Nursery has both tools and ‘toys’ to make your gardening activities fun and easy.

We can make it easier for you to dig,  support, spray, prune, water, plus protect your hands and feet while you’re in the garden. True gardeners may consider that play!

Japanese Tools (2)

Check out our line of unique Japanese tools.  You’ll find the right tool for the right task.  Try one!









Don’t forget our feathered friends by putting out feeders, bird seed, houses and maybe a nice bird bath.  Our furry friends will love coming here for a dog biscuit. Woof!

DIY with our growing supplies for starting seeds and propagation.

Kids love to play in the dirt.   Fuel their love of gardening by involving them in your next gardening project.  TIP:  Kids are more likely to eat their veggies when they have a part in producing them.

Great for Grownups:  Enhance your living spaces with wall art, statuary, home décor, books, gazing globes, and wind chimes to create inspiring  spaces indoors and out.

Just In!

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Our line of lotions and scented candles will make you say “ahhh” after a long day in the garden.  All great for giving, too.