Annuals are plants that go through a complete life cycle from seed to seed and then dies off  in one growing season.  Their mission is to produce seed and propagate.  Once it goes to seed, that’s the signal to the plant that it’s mission has been accomplished!


This is why deadheading (removing spent flowers before the seed matures) produces more flowers.


Nothing can beat the variety and richness of color that annuals possess. They may not last for years, but they will bloom their little hearts out for you!  That’s why summer hanging baskets and containers provide colorful accents to your home for months.

Many annuals are seasonal icons:  Pansies and Ornamental Cabbage & Kale in Winter. Primroses and Pansies in Spring. Geraniums, Impatiens, Zinnias, Bacopa and Calibrachoa in Summer.  Fountain Grasses, some Rudbeckias, Colorful Peppers and Pansies (again) in Fall. They create excitement for the seasonal changeover.

With annuals, you can have a “new” garden every season, in every color every year!


Check out the different annuals popular for each season:

Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer