Bulbs & Seeds

Planting seeds and bulbs provide the perfect opportunity to practice patience and delayed gratification.  Pay attention to the soil and growing conditions, time it right, and you will be rewarded with your own grown-from-scratch plant and seasonal color!


Spring-Planted Bulbs include tender bulbs like dahlias that are planted in spring and flower in summerFall-Planted Bulbs include tulips and daffodils; they’re planted in fall and bloom in spring.  Planting bulbs allow you to design a garden within a garden.  Interplant among perennials or shrubs, ring around a tree, plant single species in large drifts, or tuck a few in your window box for a surprise in the spring.  Bulbs are a low maintenance way to have fun with color and design.

Remember, garlic is a bulb crop, too! We also carry onion sets, shallots and potatoes.


Create a ‘bulb lasagna’ in a pot by layering bulbs with varying bloom times for long lasting show of color.


Bellevue Nursery always has at least two full seed racks spring-fall.  We currently offer Ed Hume, Botanical Interest and Renee’s Garden seeds to provide our customers with a wide variety of edibles and ornaments, some classics and some novelties.  Why should I plant seeds? Please see our  Starting Seeds Indoors  tip sheet.

Renee's Garden Spring

For our lawn lovers, you can find grass seed blends formulated for sun or shade.  Whether it be starting a new lawn, rejuvenating or patching an existing one, we have the right seed for  you.

For more seedy business, we also offer Cover Crop seed in the fall.  Please read more about  Cover Crops  from our Plant Tip Sheet Page.


Healthy Fast Food

You’ve probably seen trendy “baby greens” served up in restaurants, but you can enjoy these elegant fast foods at home, too. Baby greens are simply leafy veggies that can be harvested once they are about 3-4″ tall. They are tender, sweet, easy to grow and packed with nutrients!
To harvest, use a scissors or garden snip to cut greens down to about an inch above the ground. Plants will begin to grow once again, and repeated harvests are possible in a few weeks. These veggies are known as cut-n-come-again’s. Remember veggies are heavy feeders, so fertilize after harvesting to promote faster growth and subsequent harvests.
TIP: Pea shoots are a good choice if you don’t have more than a few hours of sunlight indoors