Cool Season Edibles

Cool Season Vegetables can be planted in early spring and late summer.

The growing season in Washington state may be shorter than other parts of the United States,  but fertile soil and ample rainfall make the Pacific Northwest well-suited to vegetable gardening.

Cool season crops are generally planted twice a year:

  • Plant in late winter/early spring (February- early March) so crops can be harvested before the summer heat sets in.
  • Plant in late summer/early fall so plants can get well established before freezing weather, and can be enjoyed in fall or overwintered for harvest in winter or early spring.  Some vegetables often become sweeter when they mature in the cool weather.    

All of these plants need cool weather, full sun (at least 6 hours when we have it), water, and rich organic well-drained soil to flourish.

Note: Planting schedules are dependent on weather conditions.

Early Spring Veggies

Starting Your Fall Garden

Some cool season vegetables to try:

Arugula Cauliflower Onions
Beets Collard Greens Peas
Broccoli Kale Potatoes
Brussels sprouts Kohlrabi Radish
Cabbage Leeks Spinach
Carrots Most Lettuces Swiss Chard


Cool Season Veggies

If you did not plant your garlic last fall, or shoots have not emerged in early spring,  you still have the opportunity to plant a spring crop.

Growing Garlic


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