Like to grow your own?  Bellevue Nursery will help you select a variety of  plants that are well-suited to our regional climate to satisfy your taste buds all year long!  Let us be your source for healthy plants, good soil, organic solutions & gardening advice.   Plant availability depends on the season so call about specific plants!


Our fruit trees have a semi-dwarf or dwarf growth habit ideal for smaller gardens.  We also have a good selection of specialties like colonnade apples and combination fruit trees.  Fruiting vines like Kiwi and Grape are tasty as well as ornamental, and no garden is complete without ‘berry tasty’ Blueberry, Raspberry and Strawberry plants.

Many types of citrus trees adapt to container growing in the Puget Sound area, which makes it easier to move them indoors during winter.   Seasonally, we offer Meyer Lemon, Lime, and/or Kumquat plants which will produce fragrant flowers and  fruit for you!   CITRUS WILL NOT OVERWINTER OUTSIDE  so please follow care directions.  Citrus Care Sheet.



For the adventurous gardener and gourmet!  Visit our Unique Fruits section for Loquat trees, Colossal Chesnut, Goji Berries, Jujube (Not the theater candy!), Climbing Yam and much more.


Your vegetable patch is our pride and joy!  We make sure to carry a good selection of organically grown veggies for every season and taste.  Find them in paks, 4” or gallon size plants.   Our growing season is relatively short, so we make the most of it by offering varieties and growing tips that will yield any gardener a bumper crop of edibles!  Good vegetables come from good soil, so make sure you prepare your planting area first.  Preparing Your Vegetable Bed.


If you like to cook (and eat!), there’s nothing like having fresh herbs at your fingertips.  Grow them in a sunny border or in pretty containers near the kitchen door.  Bellevue Nursery has a diverse and adventurous customer base, so we carry some harder-to-find herbs like lovage, comfrey, chervil, holy basil and shiso along with the classics.


Mix edibles and ornamental together in your landscape.  Much more interesting and functional.   Did you know you can also grow crops in pots?


Growing your own food offers you and your family an opportunity to truly get down and dirty with Mother Earth. There’s nothing as satisfying as eating Sun Gold tomatoes off the vine like candy, or creating a fresh mixed green salad from garden to table in just a few seconds.  You know where your food comes from and how its grown.

PLUS, you can share with others.

Check out the different edibles popular for these seasons:

Cool Season Edibles | Warm Season Edibles


Perennial Crops

These crops don’t fall neatly into a cool or warm season category.  They return each year without being replanted and are generally easier to grow and maintain than annual food plants.  Plus, perennial greens and root crops are said to be more nutritious, can extend our growing season by providing food earlier and later each year, help prevent soil erosion, promote beneficial microbes and suppress weeds!