Container Design & Repotting

Need an accent for your deck or patio? Bellevue Nursery’s Potting Shed is our custom design and planting service for creating beautiful and unique container gardens for your home or office.

An outstanding container garden is a unique blend of art and science. The Potting Shed at Bellevue Nursery houses the creativity and horticultural knowledge to create a unique work of art. We hand pick each and every plant and use only premium organic potting mediums and fertilizers.

Why Containers?

Here in the Northwest we love the unique beauty that each season brings to our gardens. The mobility and flexibility of container  gardening make it easy to sculpture your garden space and to add new elements of interest and beauty as moods and the season dictate.  Container gardening is the perfect solution for those who can’t or don’t want to manage a huge gardening area,  but who love the beauty of nature in their living or work spaces. If you’ve got a patio,  deck, entryway or porch, you can have color and texture (and edibles!)  at your fingertips.

Special Services:

Bellevue Nursery’s Potting Shed will create custom containers for your special event, whether it be a dinner party, birthday or anniversary celebration, wedding or open house.  Our container gardens make the perfect gift for corporate giving, auctions, or party favors in just about any size or price range.  Ask about our selection of beautiful pots, too.

Sedum Planters

Come in anytime for inspiration and advice, or call us at 425-454-5531 to make an appointment with one of our design experts.



When you purchase a plant and container from Bellevue Nursery, we will pot it for you at no charge at the time of purchase.  There is a nominal fee for soil,  if required.  (We are unable to accept plants not purchased from Bellevue Nursery.)  We love plants, so we use only premium organic potting soil and fertilizers for every potting job.