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Spring Veggies

Let’s share some tricks and tips for a successful cool temperature spring vegetable season. Cool season vegetables…

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Pollinator Pals

Pollinators are necessary not only for fertilizing flowers for fruits and nuts production, but are also needed…

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Protecting Your Garden from Critters

1.   Plant what they don’t like. In general, deer and rabbits don’t like plants that have strong…

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Natives & Nativars

Native gardening is becoming increasingly popular in conventional and organic gardening. The two main reasons generally cited…

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Stars of Spring: Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas offer a range of colorful, fragrant, and floriferous vines perfect for bridging the gap between…

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Carefree Camellias

We often hear from customers that the hardest time of year for garden interest are the dark…

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Keeping Hummingbirds Happy for Winter

In the PNW it’s easy to keep hummingbirds fed during the warm months, but fall and winter…

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Getting Your Garden Ready for Winter

A sudden freeze or cold snap following a relatively mild November and December may damage even cold-hardy…

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