Pots & Containers

Your beautiful plants deserve an equally beautiful home.  Choose from classic pots in bright color crayon hues to contemporary linear styles in neutral tones for indoors or outdoors.  We curate our collection of pots from a variety of locations including Italy, Germany, and Asia as well as from local artists.

Planters are great for direct planting since they already have drainage holes and sometimes an attached saucer.  Cache pots do not have drainage holes but are great for preventing spills onto your surfaces and are easy to change out as your mood or plant size dictates.  Simply plunk your plant (plastic nursery pot and all) into the cache pot for a quick and finished look.

Plant Accessories

Remember, pots need accessories too!  Decorative mosses and rocks add the finishing touch to your planted pots and are great for creating terrariums too.  Protect your indoor and outdoor surfaces with our selection of saucers, pot feet and plant caddies. Pot too tall?  We’ve got options for elevating your soil level and reducing the weight of larger pots.

Apricot Glass Containers