Garden Supplies

Love gardening?  So do we, so let us help keep your plants happy and healthy.


Plant Care Products

We hope you love your plants from Bellevue Nursery!  We do too, so we want to help you keep them healthy and beautiful.  We offer a variety of plant care solutions to protect your plants from disease and pest damage.  Our products are environmentally friendly  and designed to work with nature, not against it. Prevention is the goal, but when problems arise, we are here to help you solve them!



We like to call our fertilizers Soil Food!  We have ready-to-use blended fertilizers which have the nutrients for general plant needs, while our single ingredient fertilizers target specific nutrient/mineral deficiencies.  Let us help you grow healthy plants by developing healthy soil. 



Soils and Amendments

Typically our native NW soil could use some help improving its tilth (structural/biological properties), so we offer a variety of high quality organic  and natural planting mediums to increase your plant’s success.  We can recommend the perfect blend to solve your soil problems, whether it be improving drainage, aeration, increasing water retention or enriching nutrient-depleted soils.

Love houseplants?  We recommend our OMRI listed/certified organic potting soils and amendments for indoor succulents and tropical plants.



Garden Tools

Make gardening easier by using the right tools. Our line of tools and accessories will help you dig, support, spray, prune, water, plus protect your hands and knees while you’re happily at work in the garden.

Grow good gardeners by giving kids their own kid-sized gloves and tools. Fuel their love of gardening by including them in your next gardening project, and who knows, maybe they will be more likely to eat their veggies after helping them grow!


Attention Bird Nerds

Remember to take care of our feathered friends with seed and hummingbird feeders, suet, no-waste seed, birdhouses and maybe a nice bath tub.